September 06, 2008

Seafood Mania

And the winner is, Mississippi Redfish Courtboullion with Seafood Dirty Rice. This is a masterpiece for Chef John Currence from Mississippi. I chose his recipe because I liked the way he imagined how his customers would want their seafood dish to be cooked. If I were to dine, this recipe will be on top of my menu. It does not only satisfy the taste buds of diners but the genuine mixture of his choice of ingredients makes it more interesting.

The menu is a cook off and must-taste. The steps on preparing the meal are actually easy especially for those learning how to cook. I am a passionate cook myself. I always try to add something different on dishes to make it more authentic. In this recipe, if I were to prepare it, I would add a little sugar in the courtboullion to balance the taste of mixed tomato sauce and lemon. This would help widen the demographic palates from kids, teenagers, and adults. The reason for this is that not all palates would prefer the same flavor. Just like kids, they love anything that has a sweet taste. For teenagers, a twist of both sweet and sour would make such a matching blend. And for adults, the original mix of Chef John Currence would be perfect.

The main ingredient in making a successful and sumptuous seafood meal is making sure it is fresh. Hence, the consumption of domestic seafood is greatly valued. It will surely satisfy diners.

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