September 10, 2008

Series-Packed Monday

My Mondays will always be a series-packed busy. It started last week when two of my favorite series, Gossip Girl and Prison Break premiered.

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Gossip Girl - The twist continues when the upper east siders are back in the city. Serena and Dan made a deal to take it slow after rekindling their love. But then again, promises are never kept for a long time, not for this lovebirds. Hail Queen B reigns again despite Chuck's smothering presence. Bad boy Chuck with a woman gatecrashed Blair's trying-so-hard to host a laid-back English party to impress her Lord Marcus. B was hoping to meet the Duchess in the party which came in a surprise when Chuck introduced the woman with her, THE Duchess. Gotcha! While the party boringly continued, Nate showed up completely surprised to see Catherine, his mystery woman/Duchess/mom of his ex's date. Spotted! So much to get the camera rolling. XOXO! Related links here

Prison Break - Ack! Every minute of the episode is breathtaking. Show's creator Paul have made a masterpiece in this show. Every character has to be revved up finding the missing cards to complete the Scylla. While Michael's group is busy trying to come up with a solution, T-bag in California is putting into chain the bits and pieces he found in the birds pocket book. The twist continues when the FBI Agent was ordered to shut down the operation as the investigation is not going any further, Michael's group tried to escape. All were caught except for Michael. They were handcuffed, but just for a minute. Michael brilliantly connected the dots and figured out where to find the next clue to Scylla. Hence, FBI Agent released the group and was sent back to work. Stay tuned for the next clue. Related links here

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