September 28, 2008

Banzai - Big Sushi Winner!

Bored? Having fun after tiring activity is an essential way to refresh our mind and forget about boredom.

Recently a new party game from Screen Games was launched. It is called Banzai, a betting game taken from absurd stunts taken from the Super Banzai Video Show. This game is suitable for ages 16 to adult with 2 or more players.

The team chooses a “Shogun” who plays the DVD Banzai Menu button through out the game to watch the video and its result. The plastic sushi and Betting Cards are equally distributed among the players. Let the game begin!

The game rules have 3 Steps.

1. Betting Clips. The Shogun plays the video, depending on the challenge the players watch the video and guess from the 2 to 5 outcomes. After the premise, players have 15 seconds to make their sushi wages using chopsticks only without in contact with any body parts.

2. Betting Cards. Whoever has the most sushi controls the bet and puts their Betting Card under the Community Betting Bowl. This signifies that the first chance to win the pot, each player who thinks that their guess is the right answer can match the bettor’s amount of sushi (ante up) or they can choose to fold and sit out the round (Poker style). The players who did not fold and chose to stay in the round now place the card representing their outcome guesses under their individual Sushi Bowls. This signifies that they have the second chance to win the pot.

3. Wining the Pot. Once all of the bets are in the Betting Bowl and the Betting Cards are in their proper places, the SHOGUN hits the Continue button on the DVD Menu. The Banzai stunt now plays and the outcome is revealed. The player with the card under the Betting Bowl now reveals their guess. If their card matches the actual outcome on the disc, then they win all of the Sushi in the pot! If they guessed wrong, then all of the players still in the round show their cards. The pot is divided among everyone who guessed correctly. If nobody guessed correctly, then each player removes the Sushi they bet, puts it back into their Sushi Bowl, and goes on to the next clip.

Whoever wins all the sushi, wins the game. Kanpai!

See below for the games screen shot I have downloaded.

Play Banzai now and show that Chopstick skills. We'll for me as an Office Worker, it is a fun to play with my colleagues and friends. It is available to purchase online and see Tako on his Myspace page.
ScreenLife Games is at it again. They launched a new Banzai game. Check it out: