September 13, 2008

Friends come and go...

Another wonderful journey had passed for me and a good friend at work. It is always a pleasure to meet wonderful people. I say this with all gratitude that she had welcomed me without any reservations and treated me well. I appreciate so much the thought that she never alienated me just because I am a foreigner. Rarely will I find people with a good heart nowadays. There are people who pretend to be nice but rotten within. And those people pretending so much to be smart but hell yeah their disposition sucks!


Eve, it was nice working with you. Thanks mucho for being a good friend. You have got a long way ahead of you. Aim high in your education. Trust me, earning a degree is like winning a lottery for a lifetime. It is your gateway to becoming a successful woman someday. Inspire yourself to become better and don't be like others who are paranoid, kiss-ass, and envious about stuffs just to gain success. If you need a friend or a big sister (except you're taller than me) I'm just a phone call away. Thanks again for the hospitality. You've welcomed me in Singapore warmheartedly. You are the very first I've met here who have seen the real me as a colleague and friend. Yaya, eh? Haha. Stay happy and out of trouble, ok? See you on your B-day. Muah!


Evelyn said...

Hey, its such a honour to have a post on your blog all about me. Hee!

I'm glad I made you feel comfortable here. Its sad that I have to leave. But you'll definitely feel happy for me because its a better world out there for me, right? =D

Don't worry, I'll never forget Richard and you. Its because I have you two buddies that made my life there wonderful. If you miss me, just give me a call. I'll definitely have time for coconuts or Starbucks.

Thank You for the crazy times at work, delicious food that you made, sweet but short lunch breaks and those gossiping bus/MRT rides.
Take Care! See you on friday, 19/09. =)

Dheeraj said...

can v hav a link xchange???

Dheeraj said...