September 08, 2008

US Open Finals

The US Open is yet another history in the making. My weekend was actually spent watching the men's single semi-finals. I watched patiently the match between Roger Federer and Novak Djokovic despite the crippling connection on live streaming. I was cheering for the Serbian camp yet Nole didn't manage to outplay the former No. 1 Swiss player. Bye bye for Nole sweetie, see you next year.

Meanwhile, on another window is the match between Rafa Nadal and Andy Murray. Yes, I watched both matches at the same time, talk about multi-viewing. Hehe well, it was indeed a very interesting match. Rafa and Andy held their viewers breath with their spectacular volley. If I may add, I find Andy a threat to Rafa's crown. He plays effortlessly and amazingly executes his strategy on court. He's got a promising future ahead of him.

Anyway, I didnt know that Murray won until this morning when the game resumed at 4pm EST. Hurray! He's a step higher to meeting legendary Roger Federer. I wish I could watch the game. Who do you think will bag the grand slam, will it be Swiss or English to win? We'll see.


melissa said...

I love Papa Rafy...haha! it's the first time i watched him play during the Beijing olympics (on tv..haha!)

Abi said...

I love Rafa's accent and the biceps are killers. lol