April 03, 2010


My heart is pounding so fast. I had already put off the lights and shut down my notebook but I just can't get myself to sleep. Yes, I am bothered. There is an irrelevant and senseless person that is really getting into my nerves. And if I don't spill this outburst of emotion, I might not be able to compose myself and ends up doing something stupid.

It's frustrating that this person is even a man, for goodness sake! Yet, he babbles a lot. Yeah, very immature and unmanly. I am so pissed! He over-analyzes things and makes bitter comments about others. I think he could be a good actor, playing two different characters. One, nice while having the conversation then later changes skin and gives his annoying and arrogant comments. Urgh! I just hate his guts! Makes me wanna puke. I don't know what the hell is his problem but he's really out of line most of the time. And now people are starting to hate him. Haay, feels like he has his own climate change haha! Funny that a common friend mentioned that he may be "threatened" by me. Seriously? That's real crap! I thought competition is only for girls? Gosh, he is completely a rare gem! Rare that I wish I could lock him up in a room full of mirrors so he can have the time alone to see himself, right before back-stabbing people.

I feel sorry for myself for writing this or even the feeling of it. But I'm just human, feeling hurt. I hate people who show different faces, those who are not genuinely true. It's disappointing because I thought he's worth my respect. Sadly, I'm wrong.

Dude, why can't you just keep it real?