April 10, 2010

Lost in 15mins.

OMG, what have I done? Errrr! I felt so terrible. I have completely disappointed myself from training. First half of the day in the office yesterday was pretty much ok. But right after having a Bah Kuh Teh for lunch, I was caught off guard by my trainer when he said we'll do a mock call.

Ack! I sucked and didn't give justice to what I had learned in 2 weeks. Haay, I can't understand what happened to me. Though the thoughts are in my head, that 15mins window to try was purely unacceptable to fail. I lost focus, maybe because subconsciously I was thinking it's almost weekend. Hay (long deep sigh)

But on a positive note, I am glad that I saw the errors while in the mock call rather than have those during a real call. I would have been killed on the spot when it did happen. It was indeed a wake-up call for me to NOT do what I just did. Good on me, whew! Now I'm spending my weekend doing my own version of mock call.

True what they say, there's never a strong person really. The world is round. Sometimes you're up and sometimes you're down. I guess I was obviously down and will surely have my time up :)


Ayen said...

it's ok, there'll be another chance =) my hubby's a trainer and he usually tell stories of trainees messing up the first time and doing better the next mock calls

Abi said...

Hi Ayen, thanks. I hope to do better :)