March 13, 2010


Having been a full-time wife for 2 months now spared me a lot of time. A time for myself to indulge with one of my favorite enthusiasts, books.

When I was back in the Philippines in January, right after Archie came back to Singapore, I opted to do something while he's gone and while waiting for my papers to be processed. At first I thought I should go to a driving school or cooking class. But I guess it's true when they say that whenever it is planned, it never happens. I got caught up with a lot of family gatherings here and there. Hence, driving school nor cooking class never materialized.

Instead, during those trips, I brought with me the books of Francisco Colayco. Thanks to my friend Richard for the influence on this. Supposedly, Rich is gonna lend me his books. But because it is always at borrower's end, didn't had the chance. So I took the opportunity while I was back home to drop by a bookstore and bought it for myself.

"Wealth Within Your Reach" and "Make Your Money" were the two books that I had read. Why not a Nicholas Sparks? Well, I thought these books will help me more in dealing with my future more than drown myself with tears from one tragic love story.

Anyways, I am truly blessed to have read it. It gave me a better perspective of my financial expenses. The goal of the book is actually concentrated to overseas workers who may be earning triple but lacks knowledge on how to handle his/her finances.

These books aim to convey the message to everyone that the key to achieving a financially successful life is possible to everyone who are committed to become one. It also gives insights and helpful examples of people who had failed and succeeded. Money they say is the root of all evil. I agree! But having the right knowledge and rational disposition on finances, money may not be that evil.

Things I've learned from the books:
  • SALARY - SAVINGS = EXPENSES (it is imperative to stick to this formula every pay day)
  • Save 10% of your salary for 6mos (in case you lose your job, you've got a money to spare)
  • Active Income (the current and only source of income re: salary, business)
  • Passive Income (the income from investments)
  • DON'T use active income to buy for wants (in the even you lose your job, no more source of income)
  • AIM for passive income (the moment you get tired of working, you have the income from your investments to sustain your life expenses)
The list can go on and on. The book wants us to save for our future. The moment we hit our retirement age, we can enjoy freely our lives through passive income.

The earlier we start to earn, the better income. I hope you guys can find time to read the books. It's worth it!