March 12, 2010


  • I'd been sick since last night. Urgh, I never thought my tract infection would get this complicated. The pain is excruciating :( when I pee. Huhu. I blame the guava for this! I dipped in salt which I believe is the major culprit. This is so traumatic for me. I feel scared when I pee because the pain keeps coming back. I'll see a doctor in a while.
  • I was out early today to get down to the office to sign some papers. Phase I is done, we're up to Phase II. Hope everything goes well so I can finally be happy.
  • On my way home, I was kinda disturbed looking at this kid trying to burst the balloon-shaped character. She was itching to burst it. And I'm like some stupid audience waiting for the pop to happen. Haha!