March 16, 2010



  • sensualism: (philosophy) the ethical doctrine that feeling is the only criterion for what is good
  • empiricism: (philosophy) the doctrine that knowledge derives from experience
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I woke up this morning with disappointment upon reading the local news in Yahoo referring to a murder of a Filipina, whom was found dead in front of her unit. The policemen went to the site and tried to get some information on possible witnesses. Some spoke but the information were likely unhelpful. The thing that pissed me of though was this line "A notice on the property states that action will be taken against sex workers who used the premises as a brothel." - this is completely a foul remark. There was no basis whatsoever that this is a probable cause of the murder. Read whole story here.

I am saddened that Filipinos especially the women, are often (if not generally) associated with the phrase "sexual workers." Sigh, we always get this kind of remark everywhere. Poor lady, she'd been murdered yet her dignity is put-down. Who would know if she's just a victim over a personal family fight, a mere suicide, or an accident? May justice be fairly served.

Media, being the channel, should learn to weigh information. It shouldn't only be based on the interest of the public (unproven) or just so that the broadsheet makes it to the market. I am from the media, I love the passion to serve as the watchdog. But being the watchdog that you are, means reporting only what is right and not sensationalize. It's tough to identify now which information is completely true. Haay, I'm just too disappointed.