August 14, 2005

I had been watching the movies I missed to see on the theatres for the past weeks (if not months).

Fantastic Four: It ended too soon. The plot was obvious that it will surely have a sequel. I like Johnny Storm. He is hot! Hehehe. The movie was more of a prologue.

Mr. and Mrs. Smith: This movie was a hit because of the stars. Other than that, no reason to watch. The plot was muddled. Maybe viewers got overwhelmed by the stars and forgot what the story was all about. When the stars were fanning sporadic gunfire to the enemies came to an abrupt halt, the story ended. Just like that without even telling if the main man they are actually after was included in the ambush. Really, the story is messy. Sigh.

Batman Begins: It could have been nicer if the actor was not Christian Bale. I dont like em. He looks so stiff in the movie or maybe he was tasked to portray such. Still, I dont find him fit for the role. Here comes Rachel Dawes. True, I like Katie Holmes. But in this movie, she looks terribly awful. There are certain angles or facial expression that makes her look unpretty. Hehehe. Anyway, that doesnt have anything to do with how I liked her in DC.

If Only: I have been hearing everybody react that this movie is such a click, and that they cried watching it. Hmm, maybe I had expected too much when I watched it myself. I didnt cry at all. The movie is a low-budgeted film with stars only the main characters act. Yeah, the movie is sweet. But it could have been sweeter if they both died in the end. Better yet, since the cab driver was the villain after all, he should have done something to atleast save those lovebirds out of that car accident. Since it was a re-lived act and movie watchers are intrigued on what will happen, it could have been something worth the waiting. But alas, it was a tragic ending.

These are my own point of views. You are entitled of your own. Cheers!