August 31, 2005

A few minutes left and the month of August will finally come to its end. If only I could fast forward and close it now, I would. August had never left me empty-handed. It always surprises me. Every year, something terrible happens to me on this month. If I am not on my most broke condition, I am emotionally hurt due to circumstances. I really don’t understand why it happens every August. Was I cursed? It has been a routine on my part. Nothing good pays me this month. Except that I am able to surpass those trials and learn from it. Good enough after all. hehehe. Now, I am sick. What makes it look better than leave me sick? Sigh.

A brand new month is minutes away from now. Merry Christmas. Yeah, as early as September I greet people happy holidays. Also, it is Baguio City day. I miss my second home. I cant push my butt to go there. Since I worked here, I have never gone to visit. Maybe because almost all my life, I have stayed there. I know where to go with my eyes closed. If I get tired here, I will surely go back there for good. I never thought of staying nor living here for good. This is what I wanna believe but of course, I cant foretell my future.

I cant compose myself really well. All I want is this month to be over…