September 06, 2005

Hi, it has been days since I last posted here. I just got back from a 3-day weekend vacation. I hope it lasted longer but of course, it would be impossible. Except if I don’t intend to go back to work.

A lot of realizations have been made lately. Things that made me understand how life turns out. The least things we expect to be shaken can blow out of proportion at times. And I thought, I would never be able to get out of it nor solve it to be exact. I have learned a lot of things that I had not known only when things had to happen. I can still say that I am blessed with a very supportive family and friends who have been there to be with me. Anyway, it is over and done with. I am happier now.

I feel for Archie. He is not happy with his job anymore. Yeah, what is more terrible than feel unappreciated with what you do? This is one of the reasons why mostly skilled workers fly off the country because they are not given any value at all. He said that we would just put up our own company under the condition that he will be the chairman of the board. I don’t mind as long as I set the rule. The must rule is that: all employed people should be married, loyal ones to be specific. And if they intend to philander, they get fired instantly! Hehehe. Rule is a rule. haaay