July 07, 2005

it has been over 24 hours and the same "want" is on my head. im trying to observe if this "want" is just something that will eventually pass. but i think this time its different. i couldnt fight the urge. the calling is really pulling me hard. what could be on your mind? hehehe

well, i have been jotting down in my head the priorities i should be facing. before, i used to tell myself that i dont want to work abroad. i said that i will only go there as a tourist. but things are bound to change. i dont have the same reason now. this time, im very much decided to try it outside. i mean, work miles away. this is the "want" that continuously bugs me. i have put into chain all the pressure i had been thinking lately and this served as an awakening. i have been so laid back and have nully ignored to work my brains out to prepare for my future. im not getting any younger and with the circus going on with our politics, i dont think we can recover nor repair damages instantly. more importantly, i dont want to wake up one day leaving myself empty-handed just paying high prices of commodities plus plus tax.

as much as i am young and single, and since i have tested my independence, i want to try it out in a bigger world where my boundaries freely surround me. this is going to be a major leap on my life. the questions: where and when? i dont know. i am patiently waiting for His answer.

MUST HAVES: the properties where i strictly impose my rules :)
A. In my bed:

  • pillows
  • blanket (it should not be wrinkled and color should match with the rest)
  • throw pillow, either my kim possible or power puff (cant sleep without hugging it)
  • eye patch
  • cellphone
  • nothing else

B. In my wallet:

  • credit cards
  • atm card
  • id cards (sss, medicard, etc)
  • photo of me and my beloved
  • cedula
  • membership cards
  • cash of course

C. In my bag:

  • umbrella
  • cellphone
  • wallet
  • fan
  • cologne
  • my mini-clinique make-up kit for travelling (i rarely use it, only during occasions)
  • face powder
  • comb
  • lip balm (really a MUST)

D. In my bathroom basket:

  • dove body wash or soap (i cant live without it.i'd been using it for years. "whaaat")
  • palmolive conditioner (the violet one. i dont need my hair relaxed)
  • mane and tale shampoo
  • fem wash (betadine)
  • scrub/sponge