July 05, 2005

im back from 3 blissful days. on friday, i filed a leave to go home in pangasinan but i didnt go. i felt a sudden fear in riding the bus all alone for 5 hours. i dont know. suddenly i remebered a previous incident that stopped me. i couldnt drag myself to go. then i told my mom that i cant. i said i was lazy when in fact the real reason behind it is that im afraid. i used to love travelling all by myself but after the traumatic incident, i began to restrict myself. its foolish to jump into conclusions and get the idealism that same incident might happen again. though im just being cautious. i know this is vague. clue is: bloody valentine :)

so i went to laguna instead to visit my beloved. besides the fact that i spent time with him, i just so love the idea that i get to hear different side of story i.e. his engineering world. he lives with a colleague (guy) plus a neighbor who happens to be a girl, also an engineer. we always hang out at their place and have a good gab. archie's two friends have been gathering info on how a call center works. i think they're getting worn-out with their work and they wanted something new for a change. just an overview: these skilled people who are less recognized here in the Philippines are being paid just enough to feed themselves. they are working 12-16 hours (sometimes 24), 6 days a week (sometimes 7). they have to tire themselves that much to get some extra earnings from their overtimes. this is a fact wrongly addressed by our government. it is a shameful truth. these people are the real assets so to speak. take this, we need not buy computers and other technologically capable equipment abroad if we give them importance. their skills are being used by other countries (the reason why engrs go abroad) when in fact, if financed by the government, they can actually work here and produce our own products.

i know a little of this cause im kind of exposed to the engineer's world. another friend of mine, a chemical engr. she works for an airconditioning company (i think) in cavite and their work, they make the product then have it shipped to...say, Japan. surely, Japan will own it. to think that the produce was practically made here. weird but true.

its ironic, but when i started telling 'em how i work here in the account per se is not an easy one, not a standard call center support. they started to wonder. "we thought that work in call center is that easy, scripted, etc." sigh...i told them that life in a call center vary from each account. its nice to have talked about it so their half-truths were answered. it was a nice gab :)


over with teenage hullabaloo...

thank God im over with teenage life. it is also termed as the "mapusok" stage. i survived and outrun the temptations. it is very evident in this generation the rampant truths about teenage life. not only are their scumbags but also a large number of impregnated ladies have been overt. im not sour about these people. neither am i seeing them as bad persons. im just grateful that i was able to finish college and even doing further studies now, for a hobby though.

i have friends who are now happily married. they all finished their degree. coincidentally, "natural" calling came in. boom! had to get married. if you get what i mean. hehehe. my best friend is on her 7th month pregnant. funny when i try to look back at our fondly memories. we used to buy clothes for ourselves, but now she hangs out at the baby section. sometimes i envy her (checking out clothes for her baby) but the idea of baring a child myself is not yet what i want. but of course, i dont want to end my statement here. everything happens in the will of God. though i would be glad to have my own, in His time.

it is nice to be single and working. as much as time permits, i wanna invest on the stuffs i wanna have. so comes marriage, it wont be such pain in the ass to buy those at once. archie and me can always tie the knot if we want to. it is just not our priority right now. our focus is to achieve more on our goals and dreams together. these are all done in His blessing.


call me a loser, i wont complain cause its true. whilst everyone from other departments are on a deep sleep, we're at work for PA support. sigh...