July 09, 2005

Hopeless. I couldnt think of anything more appropriate to describe the current situation of our country. People had gone mad, the nth time now. It is so frustrating that each day we dont progress to something better but to worse instead. How else are we going to battle life with these controversies? It is so shameful to other countries at some point. I thought while browsing the net for jobs abroad, if they would give attention to my resume. I wonder what they think if they read Philippines? I feel like it is not such a good reference to have come from the Philippines. But talk about skills, I know Filipinos are impressive.

I feel sad about these things. Here at work, we are like nomads to reality outside. I must say, call center industry is one of the companies standing still for now. Though I cant be sure up to when.

I have been so disturbed with the issues for the past few days. I know, im just one of the million population of our country. This just shows that im concerned after all. I maybe a wanderer at work but I have my future to look forward to. Thus, I have been diligently looking for other options, better ones.

Right now, Epifanio De Los Santos Avenue is filling up with a crowd of protesters, advocates and what not. I just hope that these people know what they are rallying for. I bet most of them are there just to maki-usisa with the front liners of various organizations and see celebrities and public figures as well.

How is PGMA now? Isnt ironic that amidst the diffusion of palpable issues about her, she is facing it all by herself. Her family left for the US instead of staying with her. I know I shouldnt meddle but I just cant help to see whats going on. After all, im a part of this country, banana republic. She does not want to resign cause she wants to follow the judicial process. Heller? did she do that when Erap was ousted? tsk. Maybe GMA is thinking that she is clever to cheat. Sadly, someone is more clever than her.Like what they say, if you commit a crime, make sure not to leave any evidence. That is her biggest mistake. She left traces (but not literally).

Amongst all the cabinet members and other high-profile people who spoke on national television, only Ramos did not deliver the same advise as the rest. Instead of asking PGMA to resign, he advised her to change the government to federal instead. Whoa! This is going to be a major chaos. How the heck are they going to educate millions of Filipinos about this? Roughly 60 to 70% of the people belong to the poverty line. The rest of it goes to the middle class and the elites. Family planning nga hirap i-educate mga common people, what more about a parliamentary government.

The other day Rona and me went to have breakfast in chowking. Surprisingly, their serving had gone little. The siomai we used to order had 4 pieces. Now, it only has 3. We started to question where the other siomai went. Sigh, it surely went to the tax expansion. Tsk.

Could it be the end of the world? In the bible it said that there would be a time that the waiting will be over. There used to be billboards in EDSA about God. Just a few lines as if the message really came from the Highness. I saw once somewhere between Boni and Guadalupe.

Over all, whatever issues we have right now may it be personal or national…I hope that in the end we will find peace.