June 06, 2005

yesterday, i ran into Paula Peralejo's blog. i was reading it for hours. i never thought that she would be as transparent as she is on her blog. she is a smart lass. her entries were inspirational :) i was just wondering how she remembered every detail of what has happened to her in a day to jot it all down. unlike me, if i start writing my own entries, i could barely start. there are so many things to write about but i could hardly organize which to write first. so i always end up on just one particular topic.

on our way home (me and Rona), a lady who was in front of us was stared by men who passed by. they stare straight on her chest. i thought it was just one guy who noticed. then comes another, then one more, and more. it made me ask, are guys really born like that? sometimes it made me think, are they appreciating the beauty of women? or are women just born temptress? if im gonna ask a guy about this, i sure will get the same answer. and of course, they'll surely defend their ego.

during the homily when i attended mass yesterday, the priest was discussing what people have been minding lately. he said that people nowadays are more conscious with their physical appearance. they make sure they go to the gym to look great. they want to look pleasant all the time. he said that they are using the media to promote such. at some point, i agree to this. they are using the different kinds of medium to advertise. what i dont or never really liked about the media (which is why i didnt last working with 'em) is that, all they show are just what the common people are dreaming of. i mean in reality, not all people are looking great or influent. they have forgotten the real-world. that, to look good is not the main purpose of each human being. call me old-fashioned or pathetic but think again, when was the last time you had a moment with Him? instead of thanking Him, others would thank the doctor for a job well done on her chest. tsk tsk tsk. why cant we simply feel content with what we have? it is so frustrating at times.