June 08, 2005

i was doing the best i could to make non-work related stuffs out of my mind but when all system tools gets down, hello to blog!

i was reading blogs of different people from Paula Peralejo to Ala Paredes then Bianca Gonzales and the like. then i went to visit a less-important person who had been part of my past. just like how he described himself on his blog, he is one diverse person - which is not such gwapo points for me. hehehe good thing it didnt last. im not trying to prejudice. but what the heck, this is my site. i can write whatever i wanna write. Its my way of expressing my freedom. anyway, he's an a**

yesterday when i reached home. i had a moment of conversation with my niece. it seldom happens. why? cause we argue a lot. she's like my kid sister. she grew up with me. having the same 2nd name is ok but having the same birthday is too much, dont you think? so we often clash. hehehe

anyways, my mom and her just moved in with me here this year. obviously, she transferred school. she had her first class yesterday. and i was glad to hear that she found new friends (i just can't tell if they are true friends now) based on her story, she'd been good. she have shown interest by doing a lot of recitation. hmmm... then came their math subject. i grinned when i heard her comment that her teacher was well, sorry for the term but she called her dim-witted. she said that the teacher was giving a wrong solution on the board. my niece said that the correct equation for length is 2x + 3. and the teacher was giving 2x + 2. whoa! she knows about it. geeez, i could hardly remember anything i've learned. talk about numbers. she was then raising her hand to correct the teacher. but then the teacher kept on explaining as if my niece was invisible. hehehe. i told my niece not to tell her classmates that she came from a science school so they wont expect too much from her. so far, everything is doing fine for the three of us. we just cant help but be bugged by non-stop texts from untrusted people back home. well, that's life. it's not always christmas :)