June 09, 2005

i just finished watching "how to lose a guy in 10 days" i have watched it the Nth time now. i like this movie so much. its like women are from venus and men are from mars. hehehe. its plot showed the differences between guys and gals. i liked how guys are dominated over women. talk about girl power. and i like Kate Hudson. she's such a babe. hihihi. of course, her bro Oliver still rules. Mahal ko siya! Matthew is a hunk too. i've seen him act in "a time to kill" it was one hell of a movie that got me teary-eyed.

it's my off tomorrow and friday. i deserve a long sleep. i dont have to wake up so early in the morning to dress up for work. atleast i have 2 days to enjoy that :(

i almost had this argument with my mom. good thing i was able to divert it at once. sometimes i just cant help myself but comment on certain situations which are uninvited. i completely understand her stand and im not gonna rob her freedom for that. anyway, it ended up fine.

yesterday, i helped my niece with her assignments. i had to exercise my brain once in a while and check if it still has fuel or emptied. hehehe. i heard her say she was tasked to report on their class. i think she's doing pretty well in school trying to make up. she said her classmates were telling her to run for class president. hmmm, welcome duties and responsibilities. she's anxious about it. it's gonna be tough for her - being a transferee. i just wish her the best and hopes that she will enjoy her last year in high school.

i miss school. good thing im gonna start my class hopefully tomorrow. i hope that this will start to fulfill my future dreams. i have much to accomplish this time. im deeply praying for it. i am a girl who wants spontaneity. as much as i can hold and acquire new knowledge, i would not close the opportunity of learning them. it will soon serve me something good and rely on in the future. the fact is, i dont know how long i can last being on the zone i am right now. im glad i belong to where everyone is (somewhat) comfortable. but most often, i have moments to think about on what i really want. still, my dreams 5 years before and 5 years from now remains. i wanna be in places, learn different cultures and people. i wanna be a multi-lingual person as i have started years back. but then i was led to another dream where im presently at.

someday, somehow i want to pass on to my children the hardwork i have gone through in fulfilling my dreams. nothing glorious is done the easy way, you have to learn it the hard way. and i still am learning it more...