June 11, 2005

im back. if you're gonna ask me how i spent my rest days, it was plainly rest at home. i rarely sit and watch television for a long time. but on wednesday night, i broke (slight) the record. it made me stay for quite sometime. it just feels bad that when you watch news, same issues are dealt. if its not the prices that raised or the stock market has dropped, its the president who has overly corrupted the minds of her countrymen.

i thought it was only the entertainment and fashion world that is interested on what are the current trends. i was wrong. the government also practices the same objective. whichever is the hot trend, they focus on it and flinch from previous problems unsettled. it is so frustrating that we still have a bulk of debatable national issues, which continually pile up and just leave it as is. i saw the news and it had been a week that people have concentrated on this audio cd thingy that allegedly accused arroyo for deception. the paraphernalia was credible. i heard it on TV and the voice really sounded like the president. apparently, it would really be her even if she insistently denies the issue. but on the contrary, im curious. if it were all a gimmickry, why settle for a negative joke instead of something helpful to the nation? is this the only instance that a conversation was recorded or should i say wiretapped? what initiated these people to come out of the open and expose such a huge controversy? is it for public interest or is it more of personal? what is the reason behind all these? let's find out...

same night, my best friend came for a visit. she was with her bf err husband who is my friend, too. she's on her 5th month of pregnancy and her tummy doesnt look that unusual. hehehe. i mean, it isnt that big. maybe because she is voluptuous. oh well, like the usual, she shared how she is dealing with her chaotic brother and sister at home. by the way she lives just across mine. i used to envy her cause she can get anything she wants anytime. but then again, it made me think. it were all material things. what does material things do to me? physically, yes i'd look good and pleasant. but what can beauty do to a troubled mind? we joked that she might give birth ahead of time if she stays longer with her troublesome siblings. she totally agreed. hehehe. now i dont envy her. i learned that if i want something, i have to work hard for it and not depend on my family. i have also learned that it is best to live life with a peaceful mind rather than a wrecked one due to miserable circumstances. the only thing im glad about is that, my friend is a strong woman. being the eldest she has to be.

on thursday, we had done some changes at home. i helped re-arrange the living room to look more different. it was a success. our condo looks cozier now than before. its great to have moments like this. it's a girl thing! hehehe

right now, Rona and me are left at work whilst everyone in our team is having this big breakfast at Atchies. yeah, we're losers. what the heck! we'll be at the picnic anyway. hehehe. we're looking forward to it. besides, we're gonna have a feel good late lunch later at Italianni's. i think that would be on a par with the team breakfast. only, its just Rona and me. hehehe. no big fuss! it's fine with us. we love our work. naks! palibhasa walang choice kasi kami nasa shift. huhuhu. there will still be next time (i hope) so we could make up for that.