June 16, 2005

this is one of the reasons im kept off the malls to hoard. i have been eyeing this since the day i saw it. i wish that i'll take it home before this year ends. sigh. .

im currently under a "discipline-mode" for 3 months. bills bills bills. since i left home i have been totally independent. i took control of responsibilities. i pay my rent, electric and water bills, buy groceries and the laundry. but now, my mom is with me. things have slightly changed. though the only thing she does is cooking. i dont require her to give money or shoulder expenses. its time that i pay gratitude dont you think? i keep on telling myself to earn. the sad thing, every time that i have started earning, i get sick, really ill. so my earning will just go to oh so expensive capsules. from then on, i stopped earning. i started buying stuffs. serious stuffs like home appliance. it had become my interest to invest on these which ill soon rely on when i plan to start my own family. living out of the shadows of my older siblings has made me a stronger person despite their criticisms. im thankful for the blessings God has continuously poured unto me despite my shortcomings. ill continue to inspire myself to become a better person in achieving my goals in higher grounds with greater risks. it is just a matter of believing in myself that someday, somehow i can be one of the best.

i almost forgot. im going to my spanish class later and we are told to introduce ourselves. hmmm. buenas tardes. mi nombre is abi. yo vivo en pag-asa bliss, ciudad del quezon. yo soy la hija mas joven de mi familia. yo trabajo algunas bloques lejos. these meant, good afternoon. my name is abi. i live in pag-asa bliss, qc. i am the youngest daughter in my family. i work a few blocks away. hihih. isnt that cool? i just so love learning it. i dont know what will be our next topic but im looking forward to it. chao! hasta luego!