June 15, 2005

what makes teen pop movies click? if not stars are mushy, viewers stick with its soundtracks. 5 years ago, i used to admire teen flicks. happy ending stories. i was just done watching lizzie mcguire the movie. there is nothin pretty empathic about the movie. the plot was obviously like the rest of teen movies created. the only difference on these is their choice of soundtracks. it was fine anyway. just like its series on television. question, is hilary duff really a teen?


i was in school yesterday. it was my second day and my, it was fun. im having a good time. im like a student from grade school who is so eager to learn. except that, i nearly freaked out from the text messages of my friend. not hers or my fault. its just that there is a barrier between us that make us feel sorry for each other. i almost lost concentration but was able to recover. anyway, my spanish teacher is cool. she's very nice, too. her name is catalina. yeah, very spanish. hehehe. i understand it is her first time here in the country. well that explains why i have to drop her off to take a bus going to ever commonwealth every after class. hihihi. what's more interesting and grateful about is that she is inviting Rona and me one weekend to join her with her spanish friend do some spanish volunteering thingy elsewhere. im not very sure about the details cause i could barely hear her due to the street noise. i get to learn a lot of spanish words in no time. i find it facil (easy) to understand cause most of our words are borrowed. talk about over a hundred years under spanish colony. i dont have to feel surprised.
im hoping that ill get to fulfill my dreams. i have a big plan ahead of me and i wish that everything falls into place. well, just the other day a new opportunity was knocking on my door again. but i have to get and see the details first. though its not very tangible for now. its not something i am looking forward to. i'd still stick with plan a, which is to finish spanish and pursue my dream. chao!

Me and Rona gonuts!
omg! i did it...what a success! yahoo. now i can post pictures on my blog. whew, yeah i may have reacted late cause i know this had been long known. its just that i only started appreciating blog now. so far, i have a channel to practice my writing skills. its been a long time since it had been the source of my living. it serves as a breather for me. my way of de-stressing... hasta luego!