June 25, 2005

"mutation, it is the key to our evolution. it is how we have evolved from a single celled organism and to the dominant species on the planet. this process is slow nully taking thousands and thousands of years. but every few hundred millenium, evolution leaps forward."
yes, i know. i just posted about this movie a few weeks back. obviously, im attached to this marvel movie. i've watched it the nth time now. hehehe. i first watched it in Baguio 2 years ago. it was the first movie i watched with A-kid. we were still dating then. but that is not the primary reason for having addicted to it. i just feel for the movie and the characters as well. i've always watched the cartoons series. except that gambit is on the series. i guess its role is not much of a big credit so they had to disregard it. gambit had the special gift on playing cards. i cannot remember exactly how it works. anyway, as the xmen 2 ended, jean had sacrificed her life but eventually came back as the phoenix. as to when, i dont know. hehehe, the last update i read on papers xmen 3 will be shown in 2006. thats like next year. i hope!
wolverine is the best among them all. he has this irresistable charm. i started to like him in xmen 1. hugh jackman had previous movies but he had shone best on this sequel.
that line above, i got it from the movie as well. evolution leaps froward. is this still true? evolution is change. yes, nothing is permanent but changes. though these changes are not making us better persons. leaders are continuously misled with the idealism of corrupting other people. sigh, do we still have time to recover? there is a lot to repair. hopeless for now...
paunawa: ang mga ito ay pawang opinyon lamang...
kahapon, napanood ko sa tv ang paglaya ni Bobby Tarongoy. all praises na naman kay Arroyo sa paglaya niya. isnt it a deja vu? when Angelo Dela Cruz was freed, GMA was then on the verge of controversy. it was the time she pulled out Philippine military troups for anti-terrorism act in collaboration with the US government to further strengthen US-Phil relations. applaud for another successful deception. when will we start to realize that all was a matter of doing things orderly? she could be a very good actress, dont you think? ang linis ng trabaho niya. i think she is a master to that craft. though there are advocates, they still cant show enough proof or maybe these rallyists have, it is just being rejected. sigh... kelan kaya natin tuluyang tanggapin ang tunay na pagbabago?
kahapon din, nagtaas na ang pamasahe. sabi ng bf ko, mahirap na raw manlibre ng pamasahe sa kasama o kakilala. hahaha. oo nga naman. mahal na e. what else is new? on my way to laguna, ung katabi kong mama sa jeep, super uber complain kung bakit ang taas na raw ng pasahe e ang lapit lang niya. tsk. sabi niya "tumaas na naman? dapat alisin na talaga si gloria. ang hirap na nga pumasok taas pa ng pamasahe." sigh. we will never ever attain social dynamic order cause we continually pull each other on both ends. walang bumibigay. apparently, magtataas ng sweldo. after 2 days, headline na naman na itataas din ang presyo ng petrolyo, pamasahe at ng mga bilihin. whoa! what help does it give? kawawang manggagawa. we are the losers here, being the end-consumers. tsk.
all the more i weigh things right and think what would be best for me inorder to survive. im open to options of going abroad. with His guidance, sana maging ok ang lahat. sa dami ng nagdadasal sa Kanya, pang ilan kaya c gma at ang buong pilipinas sa humihingi ng tulong sa Kanya? :(
lately, i have been so stressed dealing with a lot of personal stuffs. kung umulan nga naman, hindi pwedeng ipagpaliban sa ibang araw. bubuhos talaga ng minsanan. ganun din ang problema. haaay, pero ayos lang. kelangan natin ang mga to para maging mas matatag at handa para sa mga mas malaking pagsubok. minsan gusto kong umalis, pumunta sa lugar na walang kakilala para makapagpahinga ang utak. God is so good to place the mind over the heart. but no matter how much i would like to runaway, it will just be temporary. it would be a waste of time to turn my back instead of facing the problems. i should welcome it and take it as a fulfillment. i know im strong. and i should keep that strength...