June 20, 2005

is it too late to realize how estranged we are in different ways? i have long known that people were born with unique personalities. but i think there are still things common. though i wonder, if this happens for real or reel. as i mature, i have become more outspoken. i have much expressed myself in revealing clearly my intentions. the picture above shows different colors but is united in some way. how i wish that would be easy for us people to do. yet, we have brain and the heart to funnel issues. unlike the picture, it has no life. it can be whatever it wants to be.
i had been caught up into one puerile squabble lately. like most people who knows me, i am very frank. i say it out loud if you're right or wrong. i may have let the issue pass but then i was provoked. one move that forced me to speak out. i was on the verge of disappointment. so there, my uncontrolled temper outwit my subconscious mind. what makes it so annoying is that i or should i say we, felt it was way too intentional (for that issue to arise). we have given signals to stop but was simply ignored. how else will you control a good ground of temper when you are simply ignored? alas, i had to speak. i have used words that have hurt them. so what, we were disrespected. is it not fair to hear such a word? i think they deserved it. but out of diplomacy and not to make a big fuss about it, i swallowed my pride and apologize. yes, you read it right. i went straight in there to apologize. i am not a person who has a very high profile at work. and issues like this often, if not always are being misunderstood and the main issue would eventually be restated in many ways. people can be hip, funky and what not. but mind you, all of these is nothing without the right ATTITUDE. no matter how punk you dress, you are still rotten for me. only in encounters do we often get to know real people. treat me nice and i will reciprocate it nicely too. otherwise, i bite back.
the picture above are the condiments to a happy, successful, and what not in life. food is not completely satisfying without it, and so is life. even if you look drop-dead gorgeous, if you dont have the right manners, you're one hell of a trash. well, there is still time to change, i hope...
PS: that picture was taken while eating at tapa king with Rona. uhm, she was snooping what the hell i was doing trying to get all the condiments in every table. hehehe.