June 22, 2005

i went to my spanish class today. esta es muy dificil. seemingly, the information does not sink in. i guess its not my day. i was even late for class. i woke up 4:20pm when im supposed to be up by 4. my bad. maybe i was dragged by that in class. anyway, i need to brush up a little on my notes later on. i felt like my brain needs some exercise to move my nerve cells. it had been static for the past few years. im currently reading the novel Da Vinci code. i understand this is very controversial. the last ive read on papers, a film was being made. but critics especially the catholic religion loathed the production of it. as to why, i still have to find out.

want to know me better? read on.

what i am...
  • believes in God
  • a libran
  • the youngest child (menopausal baby)
  • have asthma
  • right-handed but can also work with my left hand (gifted. lol)
  • frank
  • sensitive (at times)
  • power puff girls fanatic (i have to have it around me)
  • fetuccini carbonara lover (spinach noodles) you can go try yourself at french baker
  • favorites: ampalaya; broccoli; asparagus; tomato
  • adores Katie Holmes
  • loved Dawsons Creek (have recorded the 1st season in vhs. hehehe. i had the 18 epis of it. also, i have a clear folder full of their photo clippings)
  • loves estee lauder pleasures; davidoff coolwater; hugo boss (i have raspberry bath and body works for a change. but the 3 are my all time favorites. hehehe)
  • loves dancing (we had a dance group in high school. we called ourselves the Authentic Movers. hihihi)
  • loves playing tennis (i used to play but since i met a car accident in 1999, i could hardly hit the ball)
  • loves to cook (A-kid loves it)
  • play badminton (my niece says i play it like tennis. i hit it forcefully)
  • play bowling (you should see me one time. hehehe)
  • when eating chicken at mcdo, i mix the gravy with the catsup. yummy! try it.
  • crazy about gonuts donuts (cant resist it)
  • drinks occasionally (tequilla and vodka are the best)
  • frustrated driver (i never learned how to drive till now. my bro never taught me til he passed away)

what i am not...

  • hates being manipulated/commanded (driven to like what others like)
  • dont eat tacos/chicken curry/ shawarma ( what is the common denominator?)
  • dont like saluyot/okra/eggplant/spices
  • dont like dishonest people
  • dont like people who are slow (hahaha)
  • ayoko sa mayabang tas airhead pa. di bale na lang
  • hates back stabbers (this is inevitable, i guess)
  • dont like the smell of smoke/smokers (it makes me cough. though some dont smell bad)
  • dont smoke

what i want...

  • a television (ill get this soon, i hope)
  • a component ( i wish!)
  • learn how to drive
  • get the boots i had been eyeing to have
  • a coat
  • pair of sun glasses (police is ok)
  • a white bag
  • syempre, house and lot in Baguio
  • what would be the use of learning how to drive without the car da vah!
  • start up a business (resto bar or coffee shop in Baguio)
  • get married (whew)
  • be called a multi-lingual person
  • travel and learn different cultures
  • frustrated missionary (ive wanted to travel in far flung areas to help the needy. but my mom does not want. i should have been to africa if she didnt stop me)
  • put up a foundation for the elders (i always had the heart for the elders)
  • i want to teach (i used to be a teacher in a state college)
  • i wanted to become a lawyer (now im no longer convinced. so pls disregard this. hehehe)

what i lost...

  • a boyfriend (july 17, 2000 at 11am mnl time. he died in chicago airport)
  • lost my gramps (july 17, 2000 in the afternoon)
  • lost my dad (nov 14, 2000) - how i recovered? it took me years
  • pair of eye glasses (i just got it from the optical clinic)
  • shampoo and conditioner (funny, a college classmate came to visit our place then my shampoo and conditioner together with my pair of eye glasses suddenly disappeared. coincidence?)
  • a wallet once (only had P20 on it. hahaha)
  • lost attachments to my cd collections (it had always been borrowed and never returned)
  • lost attachment to sun glasses ( i had police - my nephew accidentally stepped on it; guess - friend borrowed it and never returned; gucci blue - my sister in law accidentally stepped on it; black gucci - it got lost in my bag. i saw the pocket opened. so i was robbed)
  • books: i used to collect R.L. Stine books. due to consistent borrowing, it never returned

i know i missed to mention a lot. save it for next post. hasta luego!