June 29, 2005

hay tan muchas preguntas sobre mi mente ahora. me siento como diario, el me lleno para arriba de miserio. i am driven to start feeling sorry for myself, for being such a stubborn i end up at the losing end. in every man's gleeful face, i know there is gloom. there are moments that we feel terrbily cheerless. sigh...just de-stressing


lately, i had been whipped up to some sleeping troubles. dont you just hate it when you are sleeping as deeply as you could only to be disturbed by circumstances? hell this is terrible. i even cried a while ago just because i cant go back to sleep.sleeping had been my life ever since i worked in a call center. i have given up almost all of my normal routine just so to sleep. i rarely spend hours watching tv. neither do i hang out most of the time at the mall (mind you, i live just a minute away from a mall) or party out at nights. yeah, its boring but what the heck! it is what makes me extremely happy - spending most of my time in my bed. if you are to ask me of a hobby now, i would surely say - sleeping. hehehe. what makes me go ballistic on my sleeping hours?
  • if you "disrespectfully" intend to speak in a loud voice
  • if you slam the door
  • if you ring my phone the nth time
  • if you happen to redirect my fan (it should be focused on me - only)
  • if you eat smelly/noisy (chips) foods beside me while asleep
  • if you continually tickle me (mom and my bf often do this when they want me to join them on their conversation)
  • if you continue to knock at my door when you know i wont open cause im sleeping
  • if this manong tricycle driver has to start his engine very early in the morning (he parks right infront of our unit just beside those cars)
  • if you wake me up cause its time to eat