June 30, 2005

haay, ang sarap matulog. i just got back from my lunch break. nothing else is more peaceful for me than sleeping. it is a temporary detachment from the world. my previous post talked about sleeping as well. it is inevitable. it is a part of human process. sabi nila, ang bata daw na natutulog sa hapon e tatangkad. sometimes i wonder what i had been doing during those times that i missed to physically grow. tsk. in short, even in sleeping our metabolism is working. if only i could still rely on that belief, i would surely get obvious results. sadly, i think it is already far beyond possible. right, im trying to wake myself up. me and my sleepyhead...

anyway, it is now the last day of the month. wohoo! hurray to me. i completed the month. so? i will get a health bonus again. yeah, i consistently had this. though last month i screwed up. so now im making up on that.

im hoping that we will not have spanish class today. we are told to compose something about ourselves. and whoa, my brain does not seem to mind. i have not made one. i could hardly start a word. i just cant think. all that's in my head is rest, bed, eat. im such a monster. i have to work my brain out to eventually reap the good ones in the future. i need to keep telling that to myself. sigh.

quick bites:

  • i own an umbrella that is 8 years old and is very much in good condition ( a sesame street)
  • i lost a levis silver tab i bought for myself on my 17th bday (my househelp in college had it washed. when she was to get it in the afternoon, it was only the hanger left)
  • i am a banana fruit lover
  • fast car song has remained my ringtone in my phones (from mono to mp3)
  • i lost my set of jewelry unkowingly (lot of times)
  • i am a cotton candy sweetheart
  • i had 3 bmx bikes during my childhood (i was boyish then)
  • i started playing barbie when i was 9
  • i used to have a superman costume. hihihi
  • i want to have an xmen jacket
  • my email adds : the mducks and md on it are from the movie mighty ducks. im a great fan
  • every xmas i watch figure skating. nancy kerrigan was the best for me (cutting edge is the best ice skating movie)
  • i dreamt of wearing furry coats here. hehehe
  • i wanna bungee jump and sky dive (i want to overcome my fear of heights)
  • i was a backstreet boys fan. yeah, boyband! hehehe
  • i am a WWE fanatic. fave ko si shawn michaels, undertaker, stone cold
  • roddick, hewitt, hingis, rafter (they are my tennis players)

til next post. im sleepy, sorry :(