May 29, 2005

life really sucks! i know i dont have to ask why, but it just sucks! God is so good to create people with various personalities. what's ironic is that no matter how enormous the world; opposite personalities still get to deal with each other and start creating a row. isn't it annoying when here you are, so disciplined and sensitive, considerate and what not. comes the villain exactly the opposite of what you are and starts stabbing you at the back, taking you for granted or simply - using other people. it's so sickening. what is more ridiculous than being one of 'em. i just hate it. people with this kind of illogical behavior are real pain in the a**. geez... i must say, im (a bit) an enduring person. but when insensitive freaks provoke me, i come out of my shell and scream out loud what i feel.

why is it too darn difficult for other people to think what is good from right. i' m not perfect but what i wanna say, why are these people so insensitive, disrespectful of whatever situation they are in to. they just do what they wanna do without any consideration or even thinking that maybe they have stepped on other people's stuffs.

if you think you're smart, oh please. don't believe your instincts too much nor be convinced that you are good looking. you may have (a bit) the looks but i dread your character. let me ask, did you ever had a special someone? none that i can recall. maybe you start asking yourself. others might just be dreading you too. so please, keep your feet on the ground. drool over. you're just daydreaming. cut the crap. how else should i say? tell me which would you understand.

i'd been so patient and kind whenever you needed help. but what do i get from you, not a simple word, as thank you. youre a selfish bitch. you're just the exact opposite of what your family thinks of you. why, why are you so insensitive? people who are smart knows how to weigh things and clever enough to classify which is a good idea from not. but you, your motto is simple "ah, what the heck. this is not mine anyway so be it" this is how you treat other people's things, or even feelings. you've totally disappointed me. you regained my trust after a historic event few years ago. now here you are again. wrecking the ship that is calmly sailing. when will you start realizing that you are just like everyone else? you are not a god. slap! slap! slap! do you feel it? NO, cause you're a heartless insensitive freak!