May 28, 2005

its almost 3am. 2hours more and im out to spend another weekend. but not for long cause im gonna start work on sunday morning. nothing peculiar or mushy happened to me in 3days after my long vacation. it was pure work-sleep-work mode. its payday. thanks for that. i still have to rush to the bookstore and buy school supplies i promised to my nieces. you just cant say no to them. anyway, its my way of sharing and i wanna do it.

it's been days since i am feeling this anxiety. my good friend is "suffering" from severe heart ache whilst for me, im feeling the reciprocate. after i turned 2yrs with my significant other, it seems that everything is moving forward to both of us. we both feel that maybe, its time for us to be one. but then, we are closely tied to our families and that we cant decide that instant on what we want to do. there are a lot to consider which we are trying to hold on. we can unite now but we dont want our families to suffer financially. so we have to work hard and earn for it till the day comes. i've found the person i'm gonna spend the rest of my life with. the man that i have been praying. i hope that everything goes well to the two of us. if you are reading this, i wanna let you know that no matter where life takes us, may you be sleeping or not, for as long as your heart beats, i love you dearly ... awww!