May 25, 2005

im back. id been off work for 4 days. i must say, it was a good time to let loose. let me share to you tidbits on how ive spent each day:

21: i got home passed 6am after a short meeting at work, slept for 3hrs. had to pack up my stuff for the trip. the original plan was, to pack all our stuffs for 4 days but then mom was teasing me. she said that people might misunderstood us (me and A-kid) running away. hehehe. so, i unpacked some things and planned to pick it up on our way home. we left mnl at 7:30pm and reached destination at 11:15pm. since it is a province, expect the wedding traditions to be mushy. they had disperas - like a "dance all night party" before the wedding kind of stuff. A-kid's mom was asking over text if we were joining the dance party. only to find out that lights are out due to heavy rain and thunderstorms. geez...of course, we preferred to sleep and get rested for the wedding the next day.

22: it was a long winding trip looking over the clear and quiet sky whilst seeing the ricefields wave as if welcoming us on our way. there was a ongoing mass when we reached the church. so we still had the time to chit-chat at one corner while waiting for it to end. just an fyi, this was my first time to meet the relatives of A-kid so i felt butterflies in my stomach. feeling i could not explain. like questions of being rejected or accepted. to my surprise, it was peachy. the buzzing part is when im introduced to each relative. they were commenting the same thing, like we will be the next in line. hmmm, should i take that as a compliment? the bride did not even take the effort to throw the bouquet. she handed it to me, that easy. and yada-yada-yada.

23: when we reached mnl to pick up our stuffs going to PG, mr. rain was pouring heavily that made us apprehensive of going or not. to add, my mom dreamt that me and a-kid was travelling when his parents came looking for us. only to find out that we were found inside a box. isn't that freaky? how else will you be convinced to travel? before i forget, this is the special day. its our 2nd yr old together. we shifted to plan B since our PG travel did not push thru. we spent it with mom and my niece out. it was a food galore instead of a nature adventure. it was fun after all.

24: still at home doing some interior decoration with our new room. thanks to A-kid for all the help. it was exhausting to do all the chores but it was cool spending time with my loved ones. my days off was worth it. the good and the bad things worked out just the way it had to be. its one good list of memories to recall.