May 21, 2005

friday oh friday! yahoo. im doing my best to feel the spirit of the weekend. everything was doing so well when i learned that my sibling wanted my mom back home. she wanted her back because she'll be leaving the country and nobody is gonna take care of her 3-year-old son. why is this so? not that im being selfish but i wanted time with my mom. she'd been taking care of her grandchildren almost all her life since time immemorial.she's here cause i wanted her to rest. she's not getting any younger. and she deserves to be taken care of in return.

i cant blame my sister. she couldnt trust any other person. a househelp is not even close to solving the issue. this made me cry yesterday. i felt that they were too selfish not to let my mom rest and enjoy even for sometime. mom deserves the freedom to atleast be away from my wayward nephews and even nieces. all of 'em are on toddler stage. just imagine my mom surrounded by these kids. "lola here, lola there"

i salute my mom. you see, even my siblings at times cant control their own children. but my mom, she can easily pacify the child. she is great with it. i think she have mastered the craft of being a mother, grandma, and wife. well, shes the best in the world! i love her so much. shes worth everything i am now.

anyway, its already saturday and im pretty excited. ill be going to pangasinan with my significant other to attend his cousin's wedding. have to pack up all stuff. after the wedding, we will be heading back to mnl straight to jam liner. yes, this is going to batangas pier. yup, i think you are getting the hint. puerto galera! we will be celebrating a very speacial day. its gonna be fun on a long weekend. i hope everything goes well. be back on wednesday. ciao!