May 30, 2005

i'm still on the verge of disappointment. i saw you and all i could feel is betrayal. you have the nerve to slam the door or drop things you're holding with a heavy heart infront of me. i think i should be the one acting like that cause im the victim here.

i've known you for 13yrs. the second closest friend i ever have. what makes it so hard for you to admit your fault? i don't need your answer. it's written all over your face. you don't have a sorry heart. what can pride do to you? where have all your spiritual commitment gone? i just can't believe myself but i have seen enough to prove that you are too good to be true. i have already forgiven you the nth time again. but don't expect me to treat you the way i did before. you have long tested my endurance, my trust in you, and especially our friendship.

it pains me to lose a friend but what the heck, you don't give a damn, not even a single drop of shame do you have in your system. it's time for me to believe my loved ones. i've had enough generosity to you. i've treated your family like my own. im a good friend but i could be your worst enemy. for i know my stand and i know the truth. stop acting like the victim.

i have been tired.