December 05, 2009

Saturday fun

Today was a very tiring yet fulfilling day for me and Archie. We met after his work to hang out and stroll in town. And while in town, we dropped by Pedro shop to buy Archie's shoes, finally.

Anyways, we did the stroll because we need to add more pictures on the project we're trying to finish for our wedding hehe. So here comes the not-so-good photos. Thanks to our reliable Onee and tripod.

We were patiently waiting for the sun to set so we can see the beauty of Orchard at night

smile for the camera!

in blues and greens


Janelle said...

you two have nice pictures, what are you talking about? :)

Abi said...

hi there, thanks for dropping by!

Honney said...

Hi, Abi! Nice pics. Nasan ka ba? Miss you, gurl!