December 04, 2009

Gossip is crispier than fried chicken

Who says fried chicken is the crispiest? I say gossip is much crispier than a fried chicken. People loves and hungers for it.

I know for a fact that all of us doesn't wanna be left out with the latest news on tv, print, and even in our own personal lives. Rumor or gossip is just inevitable, isn't it? Even if it means ruining someone's life.

I just did something noble for myself today. Oh well, after someone stabbed me to death at my back, I chose to do something to calm myself and move on peacefully. So instead of drowning myself with the hear says and hoo-has around me, I removed all the people in my FB network that connects me to that someone. And when I say remove all, it means everyone, even if the other people are not involved. Ironic but, it's quite a relief.

Although, I am partly sad for doing it because I have a few good friends in that circle. But then I had to make a sacrifice so I can move on faster. Doing it, actually made me feel better. And I'm glad. I can just shrug the gossip off my shoulders.

God is definitely good all the time...