October 31, 2008

Go Tisha and Geoff!!!

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OMG!!! I am so much addicted to this Series. I've been a follower since season 2 and to show support, I wave The Philippine flag for being currently on top of the race. Go Geoff and Tisha, make us proud.

If I may, I know that in every competition there will always be a loser and a winner. And it is inevitable that contestants tend to involve more than what is required and may say bad remarks to opponents. I believe that to be a good player, means knowing how to show sportsmanship to the rest. I hope that by the end of the season, these players would remember the wonderful experience more than the bad. Either we win or lose, whatever happens, the experience is incomparable. I wish I could join, too. Although I don't have the stamina to eat exotic foods, surely I'd lose on that challenge haha. Anyways, hep hep hurray for Philippines!