October 30, 2008

Defensive Mechanism

I searched for the synonyms of these two words and I found Defensive = Guilty ; Mechanism = Means or written better as "means guilty."

Yes, this is very true for someone that I happen to deal with often. She is one person I never thought would be that defensive with her acts considering the "title" she has. I cannot simply comprehend why she treats people like us so stumpy. She claims to have been brought up by someone like us. Hmmm, she should somehow act according to what she was taught right? Well, I guess the teacher or whoever guided her in growing up may have missed some essential parts - like how to co-exist with other people. I don't have any personal grudge with her but I'm just merely citing what I see of her. And I must say, she disappoints me completely.

Actually, I'm not directly involved with whatever issues she has but I just feel for some people. They come to me and tell what they feel. And I totally understand where they are coming from. I will surely feel the same way had I been part of it, too.

At first, I just let the chitchat come and go. Why? because being a person with a decent education, would know when to give the other person the benefit of the doubt. And I guess it is but fair to also hear what she has to say or atleast act on.

As months and days passed, there are times when she's ok but more oftenly she's not. I thought I could bare the sour treatment but as of this morning, I realized that it's not worth my day to see her more in the years to come. I am not in favor of how she defensively "guards her own hoard of sheep" infront of others. She evidently shows prejudice without empathy for others. Personally, I have my own prejudices too, but to be noticed by others especially if I hold a certain "crown of distinction", I should atleast be a little discreet. Her strategy of defense makes her more susceptible. Argh! I totally lost the drive to hang on longer. Talk about fast forward, I wish its 2009.