August 20, 2008

Samsung Experience

OMG, what is more disappointing than owning a Samsung U-600 for less than a year and already dysfunctional? I used to fancy the features of this phone but because of its recent failure, I got totally dismayed. So now, I dont have any cp. Ugh, although it is under warranty, sad to say, it has to be repaired in the Philippines. Archie searched online to check if it's warranty is international but as per policy, itis solely to the dealer's termsand condition.s Crap! It has yet to be done when I go back next month. Poor me. Friends, I am sorry for the inconvenience. I won't be able to reply to your SMS should you have sent me one. It still works for calls though. Samsung is not that fun contrary to its advertisement. Peace out, this is just my experience. Hehe.