August 21, 2008


It's Thursday, nothing so much to do but planning what's up ahead for the weekend. It has become a weekend routine for me and my girlfriends to do a healthy recreation. For the Nth time around, we've been hanging out at the pool. And last weekend, I completed a lap. Bravo! haha. Well, I bet I'd definitely win a medal for swimming the slowest. hehe.

Anyway, I'm thinking of doing rollerblades for a change. I've always envied the group of youngsters in our flat rollerblading every weekend. They're like teasers to me. Ack! I want it so badly, eh?

Back in high school I used to own a pair of rollerblades. And I can well remember those times when I'd be out late just rollerblading with friends at the tennis court doing all the jumping tricks. Sigh, gone were the days. I am so tempted to go to East Coast for a rollerblades weekend. Wishful thinking...