August 15, 2008


What a fascinating remark to hear people from other countries typecast Filipinos to be house-helps. I was talking to this man over the phone at work earlier today and my, what an a**. Excuse me for saying this but it is just unfair to generally label people with what they do for a living. I was pissed to hear when this man uttered and act surprised that I don't work as a house-help like what Filipinos are known for.

May I just say that nobody has the right to step on what others choose to live their lives. I guess these people have such shallow minds. Try thinking out of the box and see what these house-helps really contribute. Yes, they do all the dirty house jobs but have you thought of why big people even hire them? Well, because they actually trust them. These small people that others freely criticize and demoralize are with integrity and dedication at work.

With all due respect to nannies and house-helps around the world not only Filipinos, what you do is genuinely noble. We should not measure what we can contribute and belittle others by what they do. There will be no home kept clean and no baby taken cared of without them. Let's face it, the world is filled with small and big people. We need to have both kinds of people to balance life. Think about it. We can't all be CEOs. We need assistants too. No matter how small it may be, it should not be counted less. That's how logical individuals think, agree?