August 17, 2008

Busy Hands?

Are you someone with busy hands? Did you know that a repetitive use of the hand can actually cause a medical condition called Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS)? Yes, it is a nerve compression on the hand and weakening of the muscle that causes pain.

Do you have CTS? One perfect example is too much typing. Since the computer era, manual pieces of information were slowed down. Thus, many people prefers computer-aided information for less manual writing. However, too much use of the hands can actually be unhealthy.

I am one of the people with CTS. I have been working in a call centre for five years and it requires multi-tasking job that included fast typing. A few years earlier, I started to feel numbness and nerve pain in my hands.

Good thing carpal tunnel relief is invented. It was actually designed by orthopedic surgeon. This product helps reduce stress in taking long period of typing, playing games or any other repetitive activities. Visit their website to learn more and have a wide array of choices to suit your comfort. I'd like to have one for my use. To everyone who is suffering from CTS like me, the medicine is here. Let's help heal the pain.


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