July 27, 2008

Weekend Splash. Weekend is officially over in a few hours. Here comes another work week to look forward to.

But before I drag myself to work mode, I'd like to write about my weekend. I had a great time for the last two days. Looking back, Lyn (colleague) ended her stay with us last Friday. And so we went to have a little fun at our coconut hub somewhere in Kembangan. It was one helluva fun and laughter. Small talks with good friends help distress from work. Thanks to new found friends.

Yesterday and this morning was my swimming day. Ack! My addiction to it is seriously contagious in a good way. I get to exercise and have fun at the same time. It's just too bad that I got allergy. I think I caught colds due to the strong chlorine content of the pool. But that is not gonna stop me from wanting to swim over and over again. hehe I just can't get enough. Me and my girlfriends really wanna make it a weekend pleasure. Who can resist a healthy way to have fun? I surely won't. I hope you guys enjoy your weekends like I do.