July 29, 2008

We Gotta Work. It's Tuesday and I just feel so tired with lots of work to do. We're down with one person at the office but we manage to keep up despite the unreliable ELOG. Thanks to colleagues slash friends that helps make the work less stressful. I hope tomorrow will be a better for all of us.

OMG, I have so many blog membership and now I'm running out of time updating each. I want to keep my web stuffs at one site. But sadly, I haven't started to organize the website. I'd really want to find a good long hours to spend on it before I give you the link. Because right now, it is so freakin' bare. I am not used to using word press. I am still in the process of familiarizing myself. I have to go back the the html basics with it. Whew, talk about web challenge. So my dear friends and readers, hold your horses ok? hehe.

Meanwhile, I've got two more days left before my niner weblog comes to its cut-off for this month. I need to earn $10 more to meet my goal. Whoah! Sometimes brain would just not work when you need it the most. Argh! Well, so much for today. Cheers everyone, time for bed! Tatah!