July 08, 2008

Time Management. Weee! I am so happy that one of my blog gigs have been approved. Isn't that nice? hehe. I am so revved up to keep on blogging for a cause. My friends wonder how I can manage to blog despite my schedule. Well, time management is the answer to that.

I've been living independently for a few years now and I've managed to handle things orderly. I think it matters a lot to be organized to save time and effort.


I manage to:

1) plan and organize clothes to wear for 5 days work
2) decide ahead of time the menus for the whole week
3) budget fixed expenses
4) cook everyday for dinner
5) pack my lunch before going to work in the morning
6) mingle with my friends before going to bed
7) surf and BLOG!

These things have become a routine for me. It makes my life move smoothly. I believe that with organization comes time management. haha! Peter Parker is that you? Ciao!