July 10, 2008

Excess Baggage. I feel so weird today. For some reason, there's this baggage of feeling I'd like to get rid of. I'm pissed of something and I can't help but react. Well, I know we can't please everyone. Just like what they say, in every movie comes a villain. We also have villains in our lives. It's just that sometimes, these villains cross over the border and assume too much of things. Hmm, I guess they play their role too well. I just hate people who have many different faces. They are too coward to stand on what they say and loves to back-stab others. Personally, I prefer to be stabbed at the front so I could see right in the eye. Too bad, these people don't have the guts. And I truly hate their guts.

What I'd like to say really is that, a person should wait for others to praise him and be recognized. He should be humble to himself. Maybe he should start to re-assess himself and ask: "Am I thinking of the better for everyone or for the better of my own?" Think again!