July 13, 2008

Level-up. Finally, training is over. I'm one step up to another learning experience. The training was actually a second course to the previous held last May 24th and 31th. Thanks to our trainer Sham, it was indeed a fun-filled event. Oh, our big boss PK came to observe for a few minutes. Everything went perfectly fine. hehe

Everyday in our life we make decisions. The things I learned in training is something that can be applied both at work and in our daily routines. Let me share to you some tips on how to act on challenging roles.

Challenge yourself - Most of us tend to be comfortable once we've achieved what we sought. We should challenge ourselves through testing our mental limits and assumptions that we hold strong. The impossibilities of yesterday could be possible today.

Adapt to Situations - We should look beyond the normal scenarios in our lives. Let us learn to explore new ways of doings things to resolve issues.

Note Suggestions - "Two heads are better than one." In a group of people, often times ideas are developed by the strong and silent people. We should learn to listen and give them opportunities to speak up.

Develop Ideas Further - All of us should practice the art of putting different ideas into chain to come up with the best result.

Overcome Mental Blocks - Man's greatest obstacle is himself. We should demonstrate a can-do attitude to achieve a positive outlook. Whatever fears we have in mind should be transformed positively.

Let's make our lives a CAN-DO everyday :)