November 14, 2006

It has been 2 weeks and my I am having the best and worst times of my life here. Best because I dont have to fret about the weather all the time. I get to sleep not worrying about the electricity bills that eats up my buck. I spend my time with loved ones. I get to see my old friends and eat the food I so missed.

Now the worst part is that I am having a mini drama once in a while in my life. Drama that Rona thought would only happen in movies. Oh well, life aint perfect. But I am still good. I dont let myself torn by it. Anyhow, it is still a blast!

Hey pops, it has been 6 years since you had been gone. And I still feel like you passed just yesterday. I miss you always and that I know you see me from above happy with what I am. You have disciplined me the way you wanted a daughter to be accomplished. Mom and I are just the two left. We have some struggles but I still am keeping up. I am taking care of her. I sure know you see that. I really miss you. See you someday. I love you!

(And) I've been waiting here for you
Waiting for a sign from you
I feel very cold
That I can't smile no more

Your voice doesn't sound so clear
I don't think it's fair
Your dreams disappeared
I hope you'll be alright
We hope you'll be alright

(Father) Don't fade away from me
For you will always be
My sweetest memory
A friend so dear to me ...

And I don't mean to sound so sad
But if you only knew, I miss you so bad
I won't forget your life
We won't forget your life

I know it's gonna take time
But you will never be off my mind, oh no
I sit here crying many tears
But I wish you were still here