September 26, 2005

I am officially 25 years old, the ideal age I wanted to get married. But as time flies, that idealism is far from happening because I am having a great time with each day I spend with the people I love.

I cant be more grateful than be blessed with a family who have continuously showed their love to me no matter how stubborn I am at times, if not always. I wanna thank them for not losing their trust on me. I have had the crown of trust since I started to go to school. I wish that I would remain trustworthy not only to them but to everybody for the rest of my life.

My birthday celebration is one hell of a leap this year. During the previous celebrations, I had been spending it with family and friends. But yesterday, I spent it with a newfound family. A family I wish would last for a lifetime. I had a lunch out with Archie and his parents. It is so loving and endlessly happy to know that I am so much welcome in their family. It wasnt our first lunch together. We used to have the same lunch fiesta in Baguio. But yesterday was different. I felt it was home. I couldnt wish for more but everything to be at a steady pace. I wish I could stop the clock and just spend the day with them endlessly. Its funny how I shared moments with Archie when dining out. It is so coincidental that she has the same complains about her husband. Archie and me are like their younger generation. I talk a lot, so is she while Dad is timid.

It is odd that I should thank about a hurtful past but what the heck, it opened the future more firm and tested. If the past had not happened, I or should I say we, would not have a more solid foundation right now to face and prepare for the future.

I wish that everything would come in order, as God wants it to. Right now, I am surrounded with people who love me dearly. I know that there are still storms coming right ahead but I sure know I am not alone to face it.

Thank you all for those who greeted and who will still greet me on my birthday.

I am working right now. What a loser I am! This is the price I pay for being so happy yesterday. Sigh, its okay.

By the way, I really had a pig out this weekend. I must go back to my normal eating regimen.