September 29, 2005

Have you tried eating too much and you feel like you are gonna throw up everything you have eaten? Have you tried being forced to eat what is placed on the table even if you cannot eat it anymore? Have you tried being told to eat this for lunch then later decided to change the menu? This is exactly what I am feeling right now at work. Almost everyday workflows are changed. And they expect you to remember everything, eat everything. Well, I am sorry if I cannot live up to your standards sometimes. There is some days that you tend to forget the workflow. Fine, admittedly it is partly my fault. But gosh, its human nature! I don’t know why I am so affected this time. Maybe it is because there are certain things that I have wanted to do but was stopped.

Three more months and 2005 will be gone. If I try to look back what accomplishments I have made since the year started, uhm nothing! Aack, nothing so remarkable happened. Only turned 25 last Monday. Tsk, Life is a bitch and then we die.

I hope tomorrow my mood will be better. And I cant wait for Saturday to come. I hope everything goes well with the plan. I really am looking forward to that gathering.