January 14, 2005

Libra in 2005: Expansion is the theme

Flex your muscles, friend Libra, and prepare for a relatively easy ride. With beneficent Jupiter in your sign, this is definitely your year, especially where your social life is concerned. Happiness and enjoyment lie ahead. If you're not presently married, and want to be, you just might wed by the end of the year. This is the year you're going to be doing a lot of travel and learning about your world, as expansion is the theme. The one department of life that may not quite be as hopeful as you'd like could be your career, where advancement may be slow and satisfaction rare. By year's end, you may find yourself seriously considering a major change - all for the best.

My oh my, I dont know if I should feel happy about these or just give it a shrug. I just cant figure out how people get these kinds of prediction. It amazing cause it matches. Last month, my mom was asking Archie if he's ready to marry me on December of this year. That is one match. Another, I have plans of going to Hongkong to spend my birthday. Geeez, freaky but I dont wanna put it on my head. It could just be a mere coincidence. A simple manifestation of hope. Oh well, if it does come true then i'll just have to deal with it.
It's thursday. Thank God, one more day and it's another wacky weekend. I wont have to spend hours sitting infront a 19" monitor, a non-fashionable telephony that you have to deal with, a terrible headset to wear...sigh.well, it is my food for living. so i just have to face that fact...to live with it...ugh.
Archie's mom called me a while ago asking for her son. Mom was worried how her only child is doing. It's pretty odd cause I know he's perfectly fine. Not to know, that his son has not been getting in touch with them for three days and hell, her mom is getting really worried. I noticed it on her voice. Tsk tsk tsk. His parents will be coming next week to celebrate Archie's bday. Yup, he'll be 24 and I havent decided what to give him. hehehe. Though he already had his wishlists. On top of it was laptop, oakley glasses, white gold bracelet, wallet and bag. Atop all of these is actually a sports car that for sure am not financially capable of. His parents can but they just dont wanna give him. They fear on how their son is gonna handle it. I mean, being the only son, I bet they can't gamble with circumstances. I'm referring to how Archie is crazy about cars. He loves watching grand prix and F1 race. So they kind of fear about that. Well, they dont wanna lose their only gem. Its crazy but his phone is full of ferrari wallpapers and themes more than my own picture. Atleast i know its a car he's crazy with and not another Gail...
Salary is here but damn, it'll just slip in my hands. I have to pay a lotta expenses. Sigh. So much for now. Til next time. Au revoir