December 30, 2004

back for good

hi! yes, you dont have to tell me. it has been sometime since i last posted here. sorry about that, i had been up to a lot of things lately. i love my BLOG! big thanks to Ice. take a bite y'all.
well, im spending the holidays with my mom here. i wasnt fortunate to get days off from work so they had to come visit me instead. its ok though, atleast im not alone. last xmas, chie joined us in cavite. it was fun. and guess what he gave me, a thong? unluckily not. hehehe. he surprised me with a white gold necklace. sweet huh. well, that's my man.
i may have not mentioned about him but i must say he is a gift. in my previous post i shared to you my grievest, mournful experiences in life. like they say, "storm may hit all at once, but the best thing they dont last forever" and so he came. on the last few days of liam (bf who died) he once told me that he will look for the right guy for me. and so came archie. of course it wasnt an instant process. but i just knew it. when chie and i were still dating, i had the signs of liam. liam was an only child. he was half chinese. these are the intial hints i felt. chie was an only child, too. apparently, i thought he also had a chinese blood cause he said he graduated high school in patriotic, which is a chinese school in baguio. only to find out that he missed the entrance examination for freshmen in boys high. anyway, it wasn't bad. i couldnt think of anything else...i love this guy. now im back for good. happy and fulfilled.